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Journal of Information Systems Education


With the increasing process-centric focus and proliferation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in organizations, it is imperative for business graduates to understand cross-functional business processes and ERP system’s role in supporting business processes. However, this topic can be rather abstract and dry to undergraduate students, most of whom have little work experience. In this paper, we present a group role-play exercise that has been used in an introductory management information systems course to actively engage students in learning business processes and ERP systems. Student learning outcomes and their perceptions of the group role-play exercise were measured using a questionnaire. Results indicate that student knowledge of three key business processes and ERP system’s role in supporting business processes increased significantly after participating in the role-play exercise. Students also had positive perceptions of the group role-play exercise. Teaching suggestions for implementing the group role-play exercise, as well as contributions of this study, are discussed.


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