Faculty members in the College of Communication & Creative Arts can deposit their publications here if they are cleared for public access. This includes Open Access journal articles, accepted manuscripts (PostPrints) when allowed by the publisher, technical reports, conference presentations, and any works published under a Creative Commons license. If you'd like to submit your work to this repository, please contact the University Libraries repository manager at rdw@rowan.edu.


Submissions from 2022


Participatory Archives and Archives of Participation, Jason W. Luther

Submissions from 2021


Introducing an Integrated Model of Adults’ Wearable Activity Tracker Use and Obesity Information–Seeking Behaviors From a National Quota Sample Survey, Bokyung Kim, Seoyeon Celine Hong, and Sungwook Kim

Submissions from 2020


Why People Don’t Use Facebook Anymore: An Investigation Into the Relationship Between the Big Five Personality Traits and the Motivation to Leave Facebook, Seoyeon Celine Hong and Sookwang Klive Oh

Submissions from 2018


Digitally Mediated Protest: Social Media Affordances for Collective Identity Construction, Emad Khazraee and Alison Novak

Submissions from 2017


Lessons from the five data breaches: Analyzing framed crisis response strategies and crisis severity, Bokyung Kim, Kristine Johnson, and Sun-Young Park

Submissions from 2016


LatinoTwitter: Discourses of Latino civic engagement in social media, Alison N. Novak, Kristine C. Johnson, and Manuel Pontes

Submissions from 2010


Re-articulating the Mission and Work of Writing Programs with Digital Video, Drew Kopp and Sharon McKenzie Stevens

Submissions from 2008


The mobius strip: Team teachers reflecting on disability studies and critical thinking, Joy Cypher and Deb Martin