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Medical Doctor (MD)


Critical Care

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Christa Schorr


Critical Care


•Sepsis is the most expensive condition in hospitalized patients, recently reported to cost more than $23.7 billion per year (1). •Despite a decrease in mortality, the number of severe sepsis/septic shock (sepsis) cases have increased (2). •Sepsis survivors are at risk for unplanned readmissions, which are associated with increased mortality and discharge to hospice (2). •Psychiatric and social disorders have been associated with increased readmission rates in patients with heart failure, myocardial infarction, and pneumonia (3). •Ascertaining variables associated with sepsis readmissions may aid in identification of risk factors and opportunities for improvement (4, 5). •The purpose of this study is to evaluate if psychosocial conditions may be correlated with increased risk for readmission after a sepsis hospitalization.



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