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As the COVID-19 pandemic increased demand for PPE in early 2020, Rowan University faculty and students responded to a hospital’s request for help by designing a reusable face mask that could be produced by anyone with a 3D printer. The project met immediate needs with hundreds of masks printed by volunteers. By late spring, the success of the project led to a collaboration to refine the design and professionally produce thousands.

Rowan engineering and medical students developed a prototype for a durable, lightweight, reusable face mask. Further refined after feedback from users around the world, the designs shared here are provided “as-is.” It is not a replacement for N95 masks.

Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, the mask may serve in clinical and field use. If printed, used and maintained correctly, the mask provides a mechanical barrier.

The 3D-printed design contains two components: a contoured body and a filter housing. No special tools are needed for assembly. The replaceable nonwoven filter materials recommended for the filter housing are widely available. Users will supply and install the elastic or cord.

The mask can be printed in three sizes, all with the same size filter housing. The contoured mask may be more closely molded to the user’s face by submerging the edges in hot water and pressing it to reform the shape against the face.

For archival purposes the 4 stl files (for the 3D printer) and 3 pdf files (instructions) have been zipped into one WinRar file. The file may be uncompressed using WinZip or WinRar.