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New Waves


Employing a qualitative practitioner research method, this study examined pre-school children's responses to multicultural picture books and gained insight into how pre-school children make meaning about illustrations and textual features that include aspects of culture. The authors explored how multicultural literature can be used to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity among young children. Mem Fox's, Sophie (1994) emerged as a salient text that evoked personal connections and response to complex issues such as cycle of birth, life, and death. We contend that early exposure to multicultural literature contributes to ongoing processes of meaning making and serves as a rich reservoir of understandings to assist in negotiating the world.


Copyright Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association Dec 2015. Open Access.

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Chen, X., & Browne, S. (2015). Pearls of meaning: Preschool children respond to multicultural picturebooks. New Waves, 18(2), 16-28.