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DADD Online Journal


This cross-sectional descriptive study captured the perspectives of 14 college-bound students with ASD at the critical period of transition from high school using an open-ended prompt. The aim was to capture (1) student definitions of success as a college student, (2) the factors they identify as most influential leading to becoming a college student, and (3) the factors they identify as obstacles to becoming a college student. Findings suggest that college-bound young adults with ASD define success in terms of both academic and non-academic factors, identify factors leading to their success that suggest a need for educators to collaborate with parents and to utilize evidence-based practice to support student self-determination, and request supports in relation to overcoming mental health issues (anxiety, fear, stress) and navigating college life with a disability. The study reports initial results of a larger mixed methods investigation to document and understand the transition and progress of college students with ASD, with the purpose of providing increasingly effective supports and services.


DADD Online Journal is published by the Council for Exceptional Children, Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities.