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Fall 2019

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Advances in Engineering Education


This paper describes the use of a large-scale, multi-semester design project as a means of integrating six courses in the mechanical engineering curriculum. The project, a bench-scale hybrid powertrain, is built up - component by component - as students advance through the curriculum. The authors used the project to test two research hypotheses: 1) that a long-term, large-scale design project would increase long-term subject matter retention and 2) that a long-term, large-scale design project would increase students' design and problem-solving skills. The authors found that the design project had no measurable effect on long-term subject matter retention, but did have an impact on design thinking and skill. The paper gives a full description of the project and assessment effort, and provides some of the insights acquired by the authors while conducting this research. A complete description of the project and videos of student designs can be found on the project website,


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Constans, E., Bhatia, K., Kadlowec, J., Merrill, T., Zhang, H. & Angelone, B. (2019). The Benchtop Hybrid - Using a Long-Term Design Project to Integrate the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum. Advances in Engineering Education, 7(3), 1–29.