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This study investigates the feasibility and benefits of transferring data between Autodesk Revit (used for building information modeling (BIM)) and BUILDER SMS (used for sustainable facility management (SFM)). Two data transfer methods were evaluated using a case study; one involved entirely manual data transfer, the other a combination of manual and automatic. Of the data transfer methods evaluated, the manual/automated hybrid was determined to be the best option, especially when regular updates are envisioned. The case study produced an enhanced BIM model that can be used to support sustainable facility management, called here an SFM-enhanced BIM model. An integration workflow is proposed for efficiently creating future SFM-enhanced BIM models. A focus group of facilities management professionals evaluated the case study BIM model. The focus group was most interested in the visualization capabilities—e.g., filtered views for condition assessments—and the ability to view the BIM model on a tablet/mobile device during on-site operation and maintenance activities.


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