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Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering




Remanufacturing is a practice of growing importance due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations. However, the stochastic natures inherent in the remanufacturing processes complicate its scheduling. This paper undertakes the challenge and presents a remanufacturing job shop scheduling approach by integrating alternative routing assignment and machine resource dispatching. A colored timed Petri net is introduced to model the dynamics of remanufacturing process, such as various process routings, uncertain operation times for cores, and machine resource conflicts. With the color attributes in Petri nets, two types of decision points, recovery routing selection and resource dispatching, are introduced and linked with places in CTPN model. With time attributes in Petri nets, the temporal aspect of recovery operations for cores as well as the evolution dynamics in cores' operational stages is mathematically analyzed. A hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm embedded scheduling strategy over CTPN is proposed to search for the optimal recovery routings for worn cores and their recovery operation sequences on workstations, in minimizing the total production cost. The approach is demonstrated through the remanufacturing of used machine tool and its effectiveness is compared against another two cases: baseline case with fixed recovery process routings and case 2 using standard SA/MST.


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