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Tool sequence selection is an important task for 2.5D pocket milling and has a significant influence on both the energy consumption and machining cost of the final product. In this paper, the influence of tool sequence on energy consumption is firstly analyzed. Then a multi-objective tool sequence optimization model is proposed with the objective of minimizing energy consumption and machining cost and solved by the graph algorithm. Finally, a case study is carried out to validate the proposed model and search for the trade-off solutions between energy consumption and machining cost.


This refereed Elsevier journal contains the proceedings of College International pour la Recherche en Productique (C I R P) / International Academy for Production Engineering. Volume 61, which is Open Access, is a special issue on the 24th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, edited by Shozo Takata, Yasushi Umeda, and Shinsuke Kondo.

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