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Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics




Foot slip is one of the major causes of falls in human locomotion. Analytical bipedal models provide an insight into the complex slip dynamics and reactive control strategies for slip-induced fall prevention. Most of the existing bipedal dynamics models are built on no foot slip assumption and cannot be used directly for such analysis. We relax the no-slip assumption and present a new bipedal model to capture and predict human walking locomotion under slip. We first validate the proposed slip walking dynamic model by tuning and optimizing the model parameters to match the experimental results. The results demonstrate that the model successfully predicts both the human walking and recovery gaits with slip. Then, we extend the hybrid zero dynamics (HZD) model and properties to capture human walking with slip. We present the closed-form of the HZD for human walking and discuss the transition between the non-slip and slip states through slip recovery control design. The analysis and design are illustrated through human walking experiments. The models and analysis can be further used to design and control wearable robotic assistive devices to prevent slip-and-fall.


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