Rhiannon Napoli

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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Leadership


College of Education

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Sisco, Burton


Service learning;Rowan University--Faculty


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to determine faculty members' service-learning attitudes and experiences at Rowan University, specifically attitudes towards the benefits of service-learning, faculty motivation for service-learning, and institutional support for service-learning. This study also examined reasons for the incorporation of service into a faculty members' curriculum, faculty members' attitudes toward possible outcomes associated with students and service-learning, as well as relationships between faculty demographics and attitudes toward service-learning. The researcher surveyed 172 faculty members at Rowan University during spring 2011. Data were collected using a 40-item survey instrument that utilized Likert scales. The collected data were statistically analyzed to determine frequencies, percentages, correlations, and statistical significance. The analysis of the data generally suggested that faculty members agreed that there were benefits to service-learning and that they would like to incorporate service-learning into their courses, although few have done so in the past. The faculty members also reported that they lacked the institutional, departmental, and financial support in order to implement service-learning into their courses.