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Litwin, Larry




Public Relations and Advertising


For the past six years, Major League Soccer has tried to penetrate American homes with its brand of soccer. Television advertisements and in-house surveys have been made to encourage people to view soccer as a spectator sport. The league, though, has been on decline since its first year and the question still remains why soccer has a hard time being a spectator sport in America. This study examined how Youth Soccer parents perceive the league.

The author went to various Youth Soccer games and registrations and used an intercept survey of the soccer parents. The parents were asked if they had ever heard of Major League Soccer, where did they hear about it and ways to improve the league for spectators. They also answered questions on their child's favorite soccer player and sports hero to determine if the league is having success in marketing players.

Most of the parents have heard of Major League Soccer and agreed that the games should be on the television more often. Many of them acknowledge that a team that's closer in proximity to them would draw more attention from the youth soccer parents.