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M.A. in Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Monahan, Thomas


National Collegiate Athletic Association--Rules and practice; College sports--Moral and ethical aspects--United States


Higher Education


The purpose of this research was to explore a number of aspects and components of athletic compliance programs in Division I, II, and III institutions. I gathered my information for this study via surveys. The subjects surveyed were both male and female athletic administrators at Division I, II, and III colleges and universities. A systematic random sample stratified by division such that it would provide a 90% confidence level with a ± 5% margin of error was designed. To achieve the desired confidence level, I sent 213 surveys as follows: 70 surveys were sent to Division I institutions, 58 were sent to Division II, and 85 surveys were sent to Division III institutions. The following number of surveys were returned from each division: Division I 58 (83% response rate), Division II 53 (91% response rate), and Division III 65 (76% response rate.) The overall total response from all three divisions was 83%. This investigation shows the significant differences among compliance programs in Division I, II, and III institutions. The research concludes that compliance programs in Division I institutions have more support programs and are more beneficial in helping student athletes.