Tyrone Taylor

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


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Campbell, Robert


College students; Campus police


Higher Education Administration


The present research was done to study the results of interactions among students at Rowan University and Rowan University's police and security personnel. This study demonstrates how students experiencing difficulty with their educational endeavors can enhance their educational status by establishing relationships with members of the Rowan University Department of Public Safety. For this purpose, seven students and seven police and security officers were selected to participate in the study. Information gathering techniques included a focus group, a two phase individual interview process, a two phase individual survey completion process, document reviews, and individual observations. During Cycle 3 as part of an action research project I implemented the student/staff community process, which encouraged student study participants and staff study participants to connect and establish relationships. The idea for these student/staff communities evolved out of literature that involved the interaction of students and a staff or faculty member who were linked in intergroup dialogue (Zuniga, Nagda, Chesler, & Cytron-Walker 2007). I modified Zuniga, & etc.'s Intergroup Dialogue Groups by merely exploiting the community components of the Intergroup Dialogue Groups and eliminating the leader element. The obtained data were analyzed and revealed positive gains in the established relationships between student study participants and staff study participants.