Muneerah Wakeel

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


College of Education

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Doolittle, Virginia


Open source software;Educational technology


Higher Education Administration


The purpose of my study was to explain the implementation process of open source software (OSS) in a higher education setting, including any challenges that the faculty encountered during professional development, and implementation during instruction. This study was conducted at a four-year university in the southern region of New Jersey. In addition, as a participant observer I investigated my leadership throughout the research process so that I could employ reflective practice in order to determine if my espoused beliefs were aligned with my theory-in-use. I reviewed literature that discussed both OSS and distance education and connected them to the social justice paradigm. I used explanatory case study methods to collect and analyze my data. I employed observation, open-ended surveys, semi-structured interviews, and my journal to collect my data. I analyzed my qualitative data by looking for emergent patterns and themes. My findings indicated that faculty members value working together in a collaborative effort to increase their knowledge and understanding of technology. Most faculty members revealed that they needed more one-on-one training so that they could properly infuse technology into their instructional practice.