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M.A. in Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences


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Meagher, Richard


Biology--Study and teaching




The purpose of this study was to determine whether the addition of tactile/kinesthetic instruction to the biology classroom could significantly increase learning. Various kinds of tactile/kinesthetic lessons were taught to three experimental groups who also received visual and auditory instruction. These tactile/kinesthetic lessons included task cards, task puzzles, manipulatives, total body movement, and large floor games. The control group only received visual and auditory instruction. The subjects were 84 College Biology students from Buena Regional High School, a school in rural South Jersey. The classes varied in gender and race. The same instructor taught all classes and the length of the study was six weeks. The content area used in this study was cellular reproduction. Tests and quizzes were used to measure the learning. Analysis of a pre study chapter test was performed using the t test. No significant differences were found at the 95% level for all class pairings. The t test was also performed on four quizzes and two tests taken during and immediately after the study. This statistical test was performed on all possible class pairings also. Only differences at the 95% level were considered. No differences were found between any of the class pairings. It was concluded that the addition of tactile/kinesthetic instruction to the biology classroom does not increase learning.

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