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M.S. in Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering


Schmalzel, John L.


Heat engineering; Power resources


Electrical and Computer Engineering


This thesis will review the problems of worldwide energy supply, describe the current technologies that meet the energy needs of our industrial societies, summarize the environmental impacts of those fuels and technologies and their increased use by a growing global and increasingly technical economy. This work will also describe and advance the technology being developed by BlackLight Power, Inc. [BLP], a scientific company located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. BLP's technology purports to offer commercially viable and useful heat generation via a previously unrecognized natural phenomenon - the catalytic reduction of the hydrogen atom to a lower energy state. A review of this experimenter's laboratory data conducted as part of this research as well as that of others is provided to substantiate the fact that replication of the experimental conditions which are favorable to initiating and sustaining the new energy release process will generate controllable, reproducible, sustainable and commercially meaningful heat. By the end of the thesis the reader will have substantial information to draw a conclusion for themselves as to the potential of BLP technology to achieve commercialization and become a new energy paradigm for the next century.