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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Robinson, Randall


Academic achievement; Coeducation; First grade (Education)


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of coeducational and same sex cooperative learning groups on the achievement of first grade students. It is hypothesized that the academic performance of students in all subject areas while participating in a "same-sex cooperative learning group" will exceed their performance in the "coeducational learning group." The subjects of this study were twenty-two first grade students from a southern New Jersey community. This study was divided into two experimental cycles – cycle A and cycle B. Cycle A included three weeks of coeducational cooperative learning groups and cycle B included three weeks of same-sex learning groups. After the two experimental cycles of this study were complete, the academic performance of males and females in the same-sex and coeducational cooperative learning groups was assessed. A t-test for non-independent samples was utilized which determines whether there was a significant difference between the means for the achievement of the males and females in the "coeducational learning group" and in the "same-sex learning group." The t-test for nonindependent samples indicated a significance between the coeducational and same-sex learning groups.