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M.A. in Environmental Education and Conservation


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Patterson, Gary


Environmental protection--New Jersey--Gloucester County; Runoff--New Jersey--Gloucester County; Storm sewers--New Jersey--Gloucester County


Science and Mathematics Education


To date, no such general permit has been issued to an individual municipality for stormwater dischargers. This thesis focused on the design of a stormwater characterization plan that was acceptable to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and provided the basis for municipal stormwater permitting by municipalities within Gloucester County.

The author produced a written guidance document that enabled individual municipalities located in Gloucester County to research data on and design on their own, using this step-by-step approach to stormwater permitting, a plan that is acceptable to NJDEP for a "General Municipal Stormwater" permit to control stormwater discharges within their geographical areas.

The production of this guidance document involved establishing a working definition of nonpoint source pollution and creating for municipal officials a list of available resources on NPS as approved by the OSEPA, NJDEP, and NJDOA. An intensive examination and critique of all resources enabled the author to produce a written guidance document for stormwater permitting processes to be used by municipal officials located in Gloucester County. It was envisioned that this document will be adoptable to all municipalities located throughout the State of New Jersey for stormwater permitting and watershed planning.

Computer modeling was performed as an evaluation exercise to show that the data was both meaningful and useful in the overall development of this guidance document.