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EdD Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Kowalsky, Michelle A.

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Coaxum, James

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Abi-El-Mona, Issam


Developmental Education, Supplemental Instruction


Developmental studies programs; Community college students


Community College Leadership


This qualitative study examined the perceptions of nontraditional developmental education students on the fidelity of a supplemental instruction program in a community college setting. This study was motivated by two research questions: What are non-traditional supplemental instruction (NTSI) students' perceptions of their experiences in the supplemental instruction program? What are NTSI students' perceptions of the supports provided to them at their community college? To examine these questions, a qualitative study was employed. Interview data were obtained from four students, a supplemental instruction leader, and a program manager. Participant responses offered insight into the experiences of the supplemental instruction program through descriptions of two major areas of interest: the conditions and challenges which nontraditional developmental students face, and the intentional engagement practices on the part of the college which students perceived to be most helpful and supportive to them. Students identified and reacted to particular strategies on the part of their instructors and program which were implemented to support diverse student populations. The data revealed a body of evidence which will likely continue dialogue between the program administrators and their targeted population, as well as among educators and students in similar programs in other colleges. Implications for policy, practice, and further research are also provided.