Kevin Higgins

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


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BuShell, Shawna


Teacher-student relationships; Tablet computers


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This embedded case study explores the student-teacher relationship in a one-to-one technology environment. The actual change in relationship from the traditional classroom to a one-to-one classroom was examined. The author considered the perspective of four classroom teachers and 207 high school students at a suburban public high school in New Jersey. The case study research utilized teacher interviews, classroom observations, student surveys and a student focus group. The author uses the self-system theory of motivation, and the three characteristics of autonomy, relatedness and competency, as a theoretical framework. The research determined that there was a notable change in the relationship between teachers and students within the one-to-one environment. The change existed in the connectivity of the teachers and their students beyond the classroom and school. The researcher concluded that teachers and their students do have a positive relationship in a one-to-one environment and that relationship depends on the ability of the teachers to engage students using the one-to-one device. The researcher concluded that the one-to-one environment creates an autonomous learning environment for students, teachers and students, have a relatedness that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of a school, and a higher level of competency in both teachers and students creates a more engaging classroom. As one-to-one technology environments are becoming more popular across the country; this study will help to identify expected changes in the teacher/student relationship before issues occur.