Samantha Hug

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Degree Name

M.A. School Psychology-Professional School Psychology




College of Science & Mathematics

First Advisor

Dihoff, Roberta


Sex discrimination;School psychologists


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


The purpose of this explanatory investigation was to A) investigate the general attitudes towards genders typically in a school based setting, B) examine if the report quality ratings will be significantly higher when the report is written by a male than by a female, and C) explore if there will be significant differences in report quality ratings based on the gender of the author/school psychologist. An analysis of the current literature on this topic displays implication that gender does play a role in acceptance toward certain viewpoints in certain settings. In order to effectively investigate these attitudes, data was collected via 60 Rowan student's completion of the Psychological Report Survey, a survey derived from the principal researcher and then ran in the SPSS system. A One-way analyses of variance revealed that factors related to acceptance of views and the gender of the school psychologist were correlated with the level of acceptance of the views of the school psychologist. The study is discussed in more detail along with the implications and limitations included in the study.