Niusha Jafari

Date Approved


Embargo Period


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Degree Name

M.S. Engineering Management


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

First Advisor

Lalovic-Hand, Mira


Call centers--Management; Customer services--Management


Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering


Quality of a call center performance is an important factor in insuring customer satisfaction. Customers, the "callers", want their requests solved quickly, permanently and to their satisfaction. Often, there are staff constraints, budget or cost limitation, and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is resource availability to accomplish a task within a deadline. The purpose of this research is to analyze feasible approaches to minimize the long-lasting open requests and enhance a call center's performance. Multiple challenges that a call center often faces in handling requests are studied to identify key bottlenecks in the process of handling requests. Rowan University support desk is used as a case study. The focus of this study is on over-extended unsolved requests under set of specific constraints. The following two alternative solutions were investigated and compared. One involves reorganizing the routing procedure, which would allow a ticket to be rerouted to the specialists. The other scenario investigates an increase in staff and efficiencies that would come with it. The research will show that with minimal effort in rerouting the unsolved tickets, we can decrease average handling time which simultaneously increases the total number of resolved tickets and minimize total processing time.