Dimah Dera

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M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

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Bouaynaya, Nidhal


Image segmentation; Magnetic resonance imaging


Electrical and Computer Engineering


We address the problem of image segmentation using a new deformable model based on the level set method (LSM) and non-negative matrix factorization (NMF). We describe the use of NMF to reduce the dimension of large images from thousands of pixels to a handful of "metapixels" or regions. In addition, the exact number of regions is discovered using the nuclear norm of the NMF factors. The proposed NMF-LSM characterizes the histogram of the image, calculated over the image blocks, as nonnegative combinations of basic histograms computed using NMF (V ~ W H). The matrix W represents the histograms of the image regions, whereas the matrix H provides the spatial clustering of the regions. NMF-LSM takes into account the bias field present particularly in medical images. We define two local clustering criteria in terms of the NMF factors. The first criterion defines a local intensity clustering property based on the matrix W by computing the average intensity and standard deviation of every region. The second criterion defines a local spatial clustering using the matrix H. The local clustering is then summed over all regions to give a global criterion of image segmentation. In LSM, these criteria define an energy minimized w.r.t. LSFs and the bias field to achieve the segmentation. The proposed method is validated on synthetic binary and gray-scale images, and then applied to real brain MRI images. NMF-LSM provides a general approach for robust region discovery and segmentation in heterogeneous images.