Bailey Tormollan

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Degree Name

M.S.T. Teaching


Teacher Education


College of Education

First Advisor

Lee, Valarie


Classroom management;Children with disabilities


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to explore how positive behavior supports and a classroom community would foster positive learning experiences throughout many diverse school settings. To promote classroom community, pillars of character education were addressed were introduced within the classroom, while multiple behavior support systems were introduced simultaneously. This study was conducted over a sixteen week period in a regular education kindergarten classroom and second and third grade resource room. The idea was to provide students, both in a regular and special education setting with means of positive behavior supports in order to aid in transition periods in the classroom and between rooms. Data suggests that students respond positively when offered behavior supports, and are more likely to perform as a team, providing a community feeling within the class. This study explores multiple means of support and strategies for fostering transitions throughout a school day. The study provides supportive research and data pertaining to the necessity of supporting students through transition periods, research strategies, data collection and suggestions for further and continued classroom research and implementation.