When educators are targets: a qualitative heuristic research study exploring the lived experiences of educators who have been cyber harassed

Adrian C. Cora-Waters, Rowan University


The purpose of this qualitative heuristic study was to explore the lived experiences of educators who were cyber harassed by students, parents, or others.

New and innovative technology and technological devices are being developed at a rapid pace. New innovation can bring about new issues and problems. A great deal of research has been conducted about students bullying other students; however, this study focuses on educators who have been cyber harassed.

Using a qualitative heuristic research design, co-researchers engaged in interviews to expound upon their lived experiences of being cyber harassed. Findings from the research reveal that several themes emerged from this body of work. Co-researchers were initially hesitant to break their silence. Their emotional domain, professional, and personal lives were affected, and they possessed a paucity of knowledge regarding any type of school policy that would address their situation. Implications for social change, policy, practice, and further research are outlined in detail in the study.