Lisa Cioffi

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M.S.T. Teaching


Teacher Education


College of Education

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Lee, Valarie


Early childhood education;Classroom environment


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this teacher research was to examine the effects of a transition infused with music and movement may have on the classroom environment and the students within the setting. This study was conducted within a first grade general education classroom with a total of eighteen student participants. The students were included in the production of the transition through interviews and questionnaires in which each student had the opportunity to express his or her opinions regarding specific songs and movements he or she identified with relaxation. The students were then provided the experience of executing the music and movement based transition at a specific time on a daily basis for two full school weeks. Data for this study was collected through structured teacher discussions, student interviews, student questionnaires, video recordings of the transitions, and teacher/researcher observations and journal. This study's findings suggest that a transition infused with music and movement may have a positive effect upon the classroom learning environment, student as individuals and the teacher-researcher as well.