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Volume 3 of The Hollybush Series contains thirteen essays on creativity, and three photographs of visual artwork, by Rowan College of New Jersey faculty.

The editor is Janice Rowan Poley and the authors of the works are Joseph Robinette, Antoinette Libro, Rodney Gates, William Morris, Kenneth Kaleta, William Travis, E. Michael Desilets, Donald Gephardt, Joseph Tishler, Bertram Greenspan, Daniel Chard, Richard Ambacher, Harold Oliver, N. Jeane Hartman, Richard Grupenhoff, and Joseph Bierman.

Publication Date

Fall 1992


Rowan College of New Jersey




creativity, arts education, visual art, music, theater, film, poetry


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Film and Media Studies | Music | Theatre and Performance Studies


Copyright 1992 Rowan College of New Jersey/Rowan University

Occasional Papers: On Creativity in the Arts