Your Program Is Online, So Where’s Your Library?

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Learning objectives:

  • Identify key resources and services available from the Rowan University Libraries for online graduate and professional students.
  • Describe first steps for accessing library services as an online student

If you’re in an online graduate or professional program at Rowan, eventually you’ll need access to books, scholarly and professional articles, tools to make citing sources faster and easier, or just a friendly face to help you find information. If you’re an online student, though, you might not know how to find those things. It might have been a long time since you were a student before, and you might be intimidated by how much has changed. You might be new to graduate school, online learning, higher education in general, or the United States, and have extra questions about navigating information. Or, if you’re neurodivergent or disabled, you might be hoping there are library tools that can meet your specific research and writing needs.

If so, this workshop is for you! You’ll meet virtually with a librarian who specializes in online and graduate education, who will walk you through the services and resources the Libraries offer online students, and how to get started. You’ll also have the opportunity to help set the agenda with your own specific interests and questions. All are welcome, whether you’re at the beginning of your program or near the end: it’s never too late to learn something new!

Skill levels for attendees: Little to no experience, Some experience, Lots of experience

Software requirements: None

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