Making Meaningful Maps in a Geographic Information System

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Learning objectives:

  • Understand the basic steps of gathering, organizing, and analyzing spatial data in a GIS software program.
  • Know the elements necessary and how to make a meaningful map product.
  • Use ArcGIS Pro Software.

Many of us use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in our everyday lives without even knowing it. The last time you used Google maps to get to a desired destination, you used GIS. Google is using spatial information about distance, speed limits, and traffic, in order to perform calculations that, ultimately, direct you to your destination along the fastest path. In general, GIS is a framework for gathering, organizing, and analyzing spatial data. By arranging spatial information into coincident layers, GIS software can help reveal deeper insights into patterns and relationships – not only where occurrences and processes of interest are happening, but also why. By visualizing data through maps, GIS users can make smarter decisions. In this introductory workshop, participants will learn the basic steps for gathering, organizing, and analyzing spatial data that are necessary to create a meaningful final map product using the ArcGIS Pro software program.

Note: This is a 75 minute workshop!

Skill levels for attendees: Little to no experience

Software requirements: None

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Copy of slide deck

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Lab assignment

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Step by step instructions using software

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Data used in workshop

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