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Fall 2022


Learning objectives:

  • Review different manuscript matching software tools

  • Review the history, definitions, and current issues regarding Open Access Publishing.

  • Appraise academic journals to see if they may be "predatory"

  • Learn how to utilize databases to identify and evaluate the bibliometrics of academic journals.

  • Discover available tools used to track your scholarship and sign-up for ORCID.

There are many factors for researchers in the biomedical sciences to consider when choosing a journal for their research. Prestige and impact have always been key, but now there are additional factors—for example, the ability to make work open access (OA). OA publication means that the article is free to all readers, potentially amplifying the article's influence and reach. But how does one find reputable publications? And what about the steep fees (called APCs or article processing charges) that are often required to make work free to readers? This workshop, designed for medical researchers—in particular, students and faculty at Rowan's medical campuses—will give attendees a clearer understanding of the academic publishing landscape. Topics covered will include: the nuances of OA publishing, appraising journal impact and reputation, learning more about potential OA funding opportunities (including those provided by Rowan University Libraries), and avoiding predatory publishers. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned author you will walk away with the information you need to find the most appropriate venues for your work.

Skill levels for attendees: Little to no experience

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