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Rowan University Libraries is partnering with Women’s and Gender Studies to host a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Women’s History Month. Our mission is to fill gaps in Wikipedia's coverage of Women's History.

We’ll have a 2-hour kick-off meeting in early March. In the first hour, the facilitators will introduce the basics of Wikipedia editing. The live presentation will be recorded and will followed by an hour of hands-on editing. During that time the facilitators will also be available to help. Participants can also continue editing online throughout the month of March, and the facilitators will continue be available throughout the month to help.

After learning the basics during the first hour of the live kick-off meeting, you will have the tools you need to help combat Wikipedia's gender imbalance. There are numerous ways to contribute to Wikipedia, including adding citations to a select article, making small or substantial edits to an article, or even creating a new article on an overlooked topic, issue, event, or person.

No experience is necessary. Stay as long as you like during the live session, or participate virtually during or after the live event!

Copy of slides at bottom of this page.

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Slides from 2023 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon