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In this module, students will be exposed to the broader context of several major components within the area of environmental engineering by integrating humanities into the environmental engineering classroom. This module includes lecture content pertaining to the areas of (1) solid and hazardous waste management and (2) management of air pollution. This module will help provide students with a background of these subject areas by: introducing students to the history of waste management practices and regulations in the United States and exposing students to various major air pollution episodes throughout history and the implications air pollution has on human and environmental health. This module is best used prior to lecture content regarding the engineering principles and technologies associated with these areas of environmental engineering. Through various lecture content included in this module, students will be exposed to the cultural, ideological, political and historical context in which environmental problems occur. This material was created as part of an upper-level introductory course in an undergraduate environmental engineering curriculum.

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Air—Pollution; Refuse and refuse disposal; Environmental policy-History;

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This learning module was developed as part of a 2018-2019 NEH Human Connections grant to Rowan University faculty titled Cultivating the Environmental Humanities. This content is copyright 2019 by the author and must be properly attributed (see Recommended Citation). Contact the author for reuse permission.

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Integrating Humanities into Environmental Engineering Classrooms