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This learning module provides instructors with an experiential field guide for introducing students to the United Nations Inner Development Goals Framework through self-guided mindful smelling activities and reflection prompts related to botanical fragrance. The interdisciplinary nature of this module allows for use or adaptation in a wide range of courses looking for outdoor, place-based and self-guided experiential learning to explore the role of botanical fragrance for people, plants and pollinators. The overarching goal is to deepen students’ connections to their senses (and scents) of self, place and planet through exploring botanical fragrance with mindful smelling. The learning activities in this module are designed to be used together or separately, as a stand-alone activity (from 15 to 75 minutes) without any additional preparation, or in conjunction with other course materials and learning objectives.



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Experiential learning; Place-based education;

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Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Biology | Business | Environmental Studies | Geography | Higher Education | Outdoor Education


This OER includes one document, produced by 2023 Rowan Center for Responsible Leadership Teaching Fellows Jennifer L. Kitson and Donna M. Sweigart.

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Scents of Place: exploring self, place and planet through botanical fragrance