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Investigaciones Geograficas (Mx), Boletin del Instituto de Geografia, UNAM


Paper is in Spanish. English abstract: This study analyzes the spatial and temporal variability of precipitation across the Southern Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, addressing the anomalies and trends of annual and seasonal precipitation as well as the occurrence of meteorological droughts, using rainfall data from nine weather stations during the period 1953-2007. Linear regression in the annual and seasonal rainfall were used to analyze the increase or decrease in precipitation trends over this period. Precipitation anomalies enabled the evaluation of the stability, deficit, or surplus of precipitation for each year or season, and a quintile method was used to classify the intensity of meteorological droughts. The results exhibit considerable spatial and temporal variability, with higher values of precipitation and precipitation anomalies at the Caribbean coast, which gradually decrease toward the mid-west of the region. Results exhibit a significant decrease in annual and rainy-season precipitation in much of the area covered in this study, by as much as 12 mm less per year (Chachobben station). Other weather stations, such as Zoh Laguna, show an increase in years of drought (ranging from mild to extreme), especially since the early 1980's. We hope that the results of this study will contribute to a better understanding of regional precipitation variability, with links to broader scale climate change.


Investigaciones Geograficas (Mx) is an Open Access Journal.