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J Med Educ Curric Dev




Problem-based learning (PBL) utilizes a self-directed strategy. This process relies on group participation to succeed. Students without a background in biology or medicine can feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the subject matter and unable to participate in the group learning process. We incorporated curated educational videos in the PBL curriculum to help address this situation. First year medical students participated in this study in the form of a typical PBL session. They were then assessed on basic and clinical science knowledge and their learning experience. Student basic science and clinical knowledge were similar between the student groups. However, the students given a list of suggested videos scored higher in their learning experience, perception of feeling prepared, and participating in the group PBL experience than students who were not given the video list. Results from this study indicate that videos can be utilized to enhance the PBL process.

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Hamilton KL, Kuo YC, Horneffer P, Stein TP, Goldberg GS. Video Didactic Preparation Augments Problem-Based Learning for First Year Medical Students. J Med Educ Curric Dev. 2023 May 29;10:23821205231177862. doi: 10.1177/23821205231177862. PMID: 37275656; PMCID: PMC10233580.