2021 Annual Spring Program Presentations
Wednesday, April 21st
10:00 AM

Keynote: Using Cultural Humility to Create and Sustain an Equitable, Welcoming Workplace

Twanna K. Hodge, University of Florida

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Cultural humility urges us to engage in critical, consistent self-reflection and critique, being other-oriented, redressing power imbalances as vital to moving towards a more equitable and inclusive profession. Retention is not solely the responsibility of the individual, nor is mentoring going to singlehandedly aid in retention. Retention involves, strategic, intentional, and communal actions. It is active, not passive.

In this presentation, Twanna Hodge will provide an overview of cultural humility, explain its importance in librarianship, provide elements of a cultural humility framework, share retention strategies, and offer how cultural humility can be used as a retention strategy.