Contributing Artists

Pam Annarilli, Alice Barford, Dana Bartus, Chrissy Batko, Justine Bernius, Adriana Brattelli, Julie Casper, Christopher Chariw, Vanessa Cohen, Laura Contrino, Chris Corozza, Kimberley Drastura, Meredith Eldridge, Briana Feola, Lauren Feury, Donna Gaston, Steve Gelenter, Liz Gembarski, Kathy Gross, Lauren Gulino, Stephanie Harvey, Jason Hasbrouck, Mike Jasorka, Jerry Kaba, Ryan Katz, Jessica Kuderski, Kristen Kuhns, Erica Liss, Gustave Lambert, Cayte Lawson, Dominic Lorusso, Kaitlin McLaughlin, Lisa Morgan, Elizabeth Ricciardi, Tamar Rotstein, Alyssa San Valentin, Bryan Sculthorpe, Kim Sloan, Jason Snyder, Rebecca Stanley, Jason Stewart, Asminder Taluja, Adam Taylor, Maria Teicher, Eric Tran, Brandon Werner, Suzanne White.



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This is a digital copy of the print book produced by the Gallery 2006 team. Contents: p. 4 Introduction, p. 6 Three Dimensional, p. 20 Illustration, p. 32 Printmaking, p. 44 Graphic Design, p. 58 Painting, p. 70 Photography, p. 82 Index. The print version includes a CD.

Files for individual sections may be viewed on the detailed metadata page by clicking on the book title.

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Rowan University


Glassboro, NJ


Art Department, Rowan University, student artwork


Art and Design


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