Title IX is a U.S. law (part of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972) which prohibits all forms of sex and/or gender-based discrimination, such as: sexual harassment, sexual violence, acts of verbal/non-verbal/physical aggression, intimidation, or hostility based on sex or sex-stereotyping. Title IX protects all students and employees, regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Title IX depository is an ongoing collection of academic work by Rowan faculty, staff, and students relating to Title IX, including presentations from the annual Title IX Summit held at Rowan University.

Title IX related research contributions include a wide range of topics, including: sex and gender-based discrimination, sexual violence, institutional response, fostering healthy relationships, cyberbullying, and communication strategies.

Additional Title IX research is available in Rowan Digital Works at the Title IX Summit conference page.


Submissions from 2016


Controlling Behaviors via Social Networking: Associations with HIV Risk Behaviors among Adolescent Girls, Meredith C. Joppa and Christie J. Rizzo

Submissions from 2015


Middle School Predictors of High School Dating Violence Among At-Risk Early Adolescents, Meredith C. Joppa, Christopher D. Houck, and Christie J. Rizzo

Information Technology, Social Networking, and Controlling Behaviors, Meredith C. Joppa, Christie J. Rizzo, and Jessica Johnson


Information Technology, Social Networking, and Controlling Behaviors Among Adolescent Girls Involved in Dating Violence, Meredith C. Joppa, Christie J. Rizzo, and Jessica Johnson

Submissions from 2014


Performing and defying gender: An exploration of the lived experiences of women higher education administrators in sub-Saharan Africa, Ane Turner Johnson


Implementation of a sexual harassment workshop targeting female engineers, Lisa Rae Volpatti, Cheryl A. Bodnar, and Lauren M. Byland

Submissions from 2012


Changes in Adolescents’ Risk Factors Following Peer Sexual Coercion: Evidence for a Feedback Loop, Brennan J. Young, Wyndol Furman, and Meredith C. Jones

Submissions from 2009


Tolerance of sexual harassment: A laboratory paradigm, D. J. Angelone, Damon Mitchell, and Kara Carola

Submissions from 2005


The Influence of Peer Interactions on Sexually Oriented Joke Telling, D. J. Angelone, Richard Hirschman, Sarah Suniga, Michael Armey, and Aaron Armelie