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Rowan University Faculty Research Day 2023


Nanofibers play a vital role as precursors for fabricating a wide array of products spanning environmental and energy sustainability, biomedical, and healthcare applications The nanofiber characteristics, such as porosity, domains, and interfaces, are strongly influenced by the phase separation behavior among polymers, solvents, and nonsolvents in the liquid jet during the nanofabrication process However, the precise control and understanding of these phenomena at the level of individual nanofibers still need to be improved due to the need for more current technologies to provide sufficient spatial and temporal resolution To address this challenge, we employed coaxial electrospinning with a nonsolvent core to manipulate phase separations in situ on single nanofibers The introduction of inner nonsolvent induced phase separation, facilitated by the utilization of a nonsolvent liquid core, led to the formation of polymer nanofibers exhibiting significantly enhanced internal porosity This advanced fabrication approach paves the way for optimizing nanofiber properties and opens up new avenues for tailoring their performance in a broad range of applications.

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