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Rowan University Faculty Research Day 2023


The COVID 19 pandemic has caused 672 million infections and 6 million deaths understanding the molecular evolution of this virus is critical to ending this pandemic • The SARS CoV 2 genome exhibits a time independent, constant genomic substitution rate ( despite increasing vaccinations and infected human cases (Figure 1 A) • Out of the three main evolutionary theories S electionist Theory/ST, Kimura’s Neutral Theory/KNT, Ohta’s Nearly Neutral Theory/ONNT), the SARS CoV 2 GSR seemingly follows KNT but this does not explain the critical intervention by vaccines and therapeutic drugs on the evolution of this virus I n this study ST, KNT and ONNT are shown to be not followed by this virus and a new evolution theory is proposed to give the best explanation Summary Figure 1 A Number of infected human cases 10 0 to 10 7 cases), number of vaccinations and GSR of SARS CoV 2 obtained from Nextstrain B The predicted GSRs of the three existing evolution theories ( KNT and ONNT).

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