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Journal of the American Heart Association




BACKGROUND: Smartphone-based cognitive assessments have emerged as promising tools, bridging gaps in accessibility and reducing bias in Alzheimer disease and related dementia research. However, their congruence with traditional neuropsychological tests and usefulness in diverse cohorts remain underexplored.

METHODS AND RESULTS: A total of 406 FHS (Framingham Heart Study) and 59 BHS (Bogalusa Heart Study) participants with traditional neuropsychological tests and digital assessments using the Defense Automated Neurocognitive Assessment (DANA) smartphone protocol were included. Regression models investigated associations between DANA task digital measures and a neuropsychological global cognitive

CONCLUSIONS: Our findings demonstrate that smartphone-based cognitive assessments exhibit concurrent validity with a composite measure of traditional neuropsychological tests. This supports the potential of using smartphone-based assessments in cognitive screening across diverse populations and the scalability of digital assessments to community-dwelling individuals.


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