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Background: Barriers to attending in-person lifestyle interventions are common during pregnancy. The majority of young adults use Instagram, and pregnancy-related content abounds on this social media platform. The aims of this study were to assess interest in an Instagram-delivered gestational weight gain (GWG) intervention, examine characteristics associated with program interest, describe interest in specific program components, and to explore perceived advantages of and concerns about the proposed intervention. Methods: English-speaking pregnant women with pre-pregnancy overweight or obesity in the US who use Instagram completed a cross-sectional online survey (N=229). Participants reported interest in a proposed Instagram-delivered GWG intervention (very/quite a bit versus somewhat/a little bit/not at all interested), demographics, and Instagram use habits. Characteristics associated with program interest were examined using logistic regression models. Responses to open-ended questions about program likes and concerns were content-analyzed. Results: Thirty-four percent were very or quite a bit interested in an Instagram-delivered GWG intervention, and women with children, those who were more extraverted, and those with greater engagement on Instagram were more likely to report interest. Among participants with high program interest, 63–95% were interested in specific intervention components and 52–82% were willing to engage in different aspects of the intervention. Participants liked the potential for information, peer support, convenience, and accountability, but reported concerns about privacy/confidentiality, social pressure, time required, and negative psychological consequences. Conclusions: Fostering a positive, supportive group culture may be key to leveraging Instagram to deliver a GWG intervention.


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