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M.S.T. Teaching


Teacher Education


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Lee, Valarie


Games in mathematics education


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to answer the question, "What happens when I use instructional games to teach or review math skills in a fourth grade classroom?" In this study, the students played five instructional games during a math unit on fractions. The instructional games ranged in type. The students completed a survey about the games at the beginning of the study, at the end of the study, and at the end of each instructional game. The data in this study suggests that instructional games are fun, help students to learn the material, and allow students opportunities to create positive relationships with their classmates. The data in this study also shows that there are several factors that affect how many students enjoy these games. These factors are reward, competition, and students' preferences. In this study, students seemed to better enjoy the games that were fun, encouraged learning, were played with classmates, and had some level of competition.