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M.A. in Elementary Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Molinari, Louis


Education, Elementary; Educational accountability--United States; Grade repetition


Elementary Education and Teaching


This study attempts to determine how this Act impacts professional educators in their decisions regarding promotion or retention of the low achieving student. Regular Educators in the West Deptford School District were asked to participate to show whether NCLB impacts the professional educators within this district when deciding whether to promote or retain the low achieving student. A Likert survey was designed and'distributed to 51 professional educators within the district. Of the educators asked, 21 responded. The survey results were graphed and analyzed. The scores of the West Deptford School District participants were compared to a hypothetical school district of professional experts.

Comparison of the groups measured by the results of this survey showed a significant difference existed between the experts and educators resulting in the rejection of the Null Hypothesis which states that there is no significant difference between professional educators and experts decisions to promote or retain the low achieving student when factoring in the No Child Left Behind Act.