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M.A. in Educational Technology


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


College of Education


Molinari, Louis


Education--Data processing; Middle school teachers--New Jersey


Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching


The problem in this study asks: Could it be that teachers who have high integration of computer use have different identifiable characteristics than teachers that have a low integration of computer use?

A data collection instrument was developed and distributed to 56 teachers at Landis Intermediate School in Vineland, New Jersey. The 20 questions on the survey that pertained to computer use and integration were assessed and a score was given to each subject. These scores were used to run independent sample t tests.

As a result of this study it was found that teachers that have a high computer use and integration score have the following characteristics: under 30 years of age, less than 10 years of teaching experience, and first used computers during elementary or high school. Those teachers with high use and integration scores also believed that college and or professional development had prepared them to use computers.

Since the null hypothesis stated that there would be no significant difference in the characteristics of those teachers who have high integration scores with those who have low integration scores, the null hypothesis was rejected.