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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Kern, Robert


Cherokee High School (Marlton, N.J.); School discipline--United States; Student suspension


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this research project was to evaluate the effectiveness on an in-school suspension program at Cherokee High School, The intern evaluated three aspects of the program. The intern sought to identify if the population of the school views the program as a deterrent, as well as evaluate the rehabilitation aspect of the program. Additionally, the intern wanted to see how both the classroom and in-school suspension teachers at the high school were applying the program.

Surveys and interviews were used to collect and analyze data from the population of Cherokee High School. The intern administered surveys to a sample of students and teachers to identify their views on the current in-school suspension in place at Cherokee High School. Interviews were conducted on the current instructors of the programs and an assistant principal to identify how the policies and procedures match with what the teachers and students believe.

The findings of the study suggest that the in-school suspension program is generally effective in disciplining students who break the disciplinary code at Cherokee High School. The most important factor is that the affected student stays in school and completes assignments sent by his/her classroom teachers. There are, however, other areas that could be addressed to enhance the programs effectiveness.