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M.A. in Educational Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Kern, Robert


Education--Finance; Special education; Students with disabilities--Education


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The goal of the study was to identify the effects funding had on special education program selection and implementation in a small semi-rural district. The intern sought to identify the special education department's program offerings. The intern sought to reveal the sources of funding available to the special education department, and how the special education department implemented and developed its programs in accordance with funding guidelines. The primary purpose was to examine the degree of influence funding had on the target district's programs. Included in this was the purpose of determining how the special education department manages its program offerings. The study revealed a strong funding influence upon a special education department's program selection and implementation. The study findings indicate that funding guidelines will to a large degree determine the programs that a special education department can offer. The study indicated that one of the main steering mechanisms for program selection and implementation was the IEP. A student's IEP must be met and the programs offered by the special education department attempt to cater to the IEP.