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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Johnson, Theodore


Northeast Catholic High School (Philadelphia, Pa.); High school students; Multiculturalism


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this study is to create and implement a cultural diversity team of high school students. These students with a faculty leader will spearhead student activities and events around the topic of diversity. The students will be selectively chosen by the intern to be involved in the leadership and implementation of this project. This program is intended to increase cultural awareness of students; staff, faculty and administration so that they can put into practice the skills to confront prejudice and discriminatory behavior in themselves and others. The high school students will develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills in the area of youth diversity. This program is warranted due to a more diverse population in the school.

The method of implementing this program is to work with the Youth Diversity Leadership Program of Temple University. The members of the Diversity Program will do three days of training for approximately 25-30 students from Northeast Catholic High School. Once the training is finished there will be three more days of coaching and technical assistance to prepare the 25 students to lead workshops with their peers.

The project on creating and implementing a cultural diversity team will take place at Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia. The population will consist of high school students who were selectively chosen to represent various ethnic backgrounds. The gathering of information will consist of a survey that is created by the intern. The survey will pinpoint attitudes that are present within the school in regards to cultural diversity and cultural sensitivity. The intern will use observation and faculty input to figure out who would benefit from the training, and what group would utilize the learned skills to influence participation in issues of cultural diversity.

The information will be collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis. The survey will be collected and deciphered to reflect the present attitudes on diversity, bigotry and racial differences. Observation and the use of a rubric for behavioral traits will assist in determining who will be a part of this project.